I graduated from Bona's in 1950. Jackie and I were married in 1956 and she has been a loyal Bonnies fan ever since.

Our reasons for supporting St. Bonaventure are legion. After having been a student at the school for four years, I have been infected with the same love for the school that almost all students have, especially after graduation.
After a tour of active duty with the Army, I attended Fordham Law School and graduated in 1955. Attending this great Jesuit institution was rewarding and inspiring. No comparison, however, can be made between the two schools as far as peace, happiness and genuine joy are concerned.
Fordham Law taught me how to go into the world and do well. St. Bonaventure taught me how to go into the world and do good.
I was fortunate to have been on campus when the late great Fr. Tom Plassmann was president. A quotation from one of his talks seems to be apropos. "The St. Bonaventure Spirit; the spirit of unconquerable optimism, of trust in God's wisdom and Providence. Such a spirit breeds and fastens ideals that lift us above discouragement, disappointment and disaster."
All in all, Jackie and I support Bona's because we love everything about it. We especially love the Spirit of St. Francis, the Franciscan spirit that follows the men and women of St. Bonaventure all of their lives. 
Being Seraphim Society members is the logical extension of this love.

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