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Spring 2017


  • The Impact of Giving a Percentage of Your Estate to St. Bonaventure University...
  • Giving to Further Franciscan Values
  • Effective Estate Planning Provides Many Benefits
  • How a Blended Gift Could Benefit You and St. Bonaventure

Fall 2016


  • From Loyalty to Legacy
  • Our Founder…Our 25th Anniversary
  • Smart Giving at Year-End and Beyond
  • Many Ways to Leave Your Legacy

Spring 2016


  • “Mille Grazie” — A Thousand Thanks
  • IRA Gift Supports Special Scholarship
  • Tax-Free Giving
  • Who Has Touched Your Heart?

Winter 2015


  • A Season for Giving
  • Couple Has Special Bonds with Bona's
  • Questions and Answers About Year-End Giving
  • Leaving Your Legacy

Fall 2015


  • Secure the Future for Your Loved Ones
  • Love of Bona's Leads to Gift
  • Choosing the Best Ways of Giving
  • Test Your Will IQ

Spring 2015


  • Loving Tributes for Special People
  • Honoring a 50-Year Relationship With a Gift
  • Making Meaningful Remembrances
  • Ready for a Quiz?

Winter 2014


  • Year-End Planning Ideas
  • For This Donor, St. Bonaventure Is Everywhere
  • Enjoy Additional Savings

Summer 2014


  • Your Values Can Live Forever
  • Continuing the Spirit of St. Bonaventure
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Wills

Spring 2014


  • Planning Today for a Healthy Tomorrow
  • Providing for Family Through a Gift Annuity
  • Enjoying the Benefits of Gift Annuities


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